What to do when you don’t feel like running.

Just before dinner on a Friday evening. It’s getting dark,I am hungry and it’s a little cold ( ok it’s really 12 degrees which is none too bad for distance running). Anyway I certainly don’t feel like pulling on my running shorts and running the streets alone. What to do?

Well the only thing to do is to pull on my running shorts and go and run the streets.

A runner runs.

Cant say it was super fun and when I got to about two Km I could not believe how long it seemed to take ( No Garmin/ no timing ). If I feel bad after just 2 Km how on earth can I….etc.Image

Somewhere during the Marathon I am expecting to feel bad. I want the will power to push on. Not sure I have this sort of will power yet. I am working on it.

Finished the day with 200 stomach crunches and 80 push ups.


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