Half Marathon Race used as a training run with Tamami


I decided  instead of running  this morning’s Half Marathon race flat out I would use it as a steady run at a pace faster than my normal training pace and about 20 seconds per Km slower than my hoped for Marathon pace.

I ran with Tamami who has run well this season although probably lacking in the type of long run training necessary for a Marathon race.

Plan was to take it very very slowly for the first 4 Km running at just under 5 minute per Km pace ( 8 minute mile pace) and then slowly bring the time down so that we finished in about 1.43 without too much stress. ( Times were 5.10/4.59/5.03/4.53).

Tamami did well on a course where she has crashed and burnt on two previous occasions. But she suffered from lack of training over longer distances. Once we started running at 4.50 pace she struggled and could not kick down to 4.30/4.40 in the last 4 Kms as I had hoped we could.

We ran the last few Km very slowly and finished in 1-45. ( Slightly under 5 min per Km pace…8 min per mile)

I found the run very easy although I was glad to finish. I wonder if I can do that twice in a row.

Overall for me it was an OK run. A step in the right direction. Not a big step maybe but a step.



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