Put off Medium Long run today


I decided not to do a medium long run today as I want to save my legs as much as possible. I hit the ground rather heavily anyway and these days I am scared of ever little pain. So the idea is that if I don’t run much on the road I will feel better…or at least my legs will.

Today I only went for a short jog and did 30 minutes on the Elliptical machine at the Gym. This is boredom plus and I am not even sure if this does much to refresh my legs. I tried to push harder than I normally do and hope that by sweating a lot more than usual this would help me in some way.

60 push ups and 200 stomach crunches today. This is not much I know but I do not miss a day so in a week I will have done at a minimum of 1400 stomach crunches.

I will try and go for a half decent run tomorrow. 


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