Supplements: Do they help?

Well I don’t really know. But the great American Marathon runner Bill Rodgers said when asked about taking daily vitamins that if you are running 140 miles a week why take the chance.

Now whilst I do not run 140 miles a week I do go out and run every day. If it’s hot or cold or humid or raining I run. So I am not prepared to risk not taking these things. 

This is what I take daily…this is not a recommendation just what I do.

1.Iron. Helping oxygen levels in the blood.

2.Mega Calcium. Helps prevent Osteoporosis.

3.Vitamin D. Read that many Australians are unable to process this adequately.

4. Multi Vitamin tablet…I think I eat very well…thanks Tamami San….but what the hell…take ’em anyway.

So does all this stuff help….maybe….I don’t really care….I just take as a precaution.


I also drink a  lot of coffee.Image


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