Man v Garmin. Short Medium Long run.

One of the functions a Garmin 610 has is a virtual partner. You can set it to run at a specific pace and it compares your actual pace to that of your virtual partner ( or competitor).

I was running to have lunch 17 Kms away so it was not going to be a massive run. I set the virtual partner at 5.30 pace. I know this is very slow but I was running by myself over a fairly hilly course on a reasonably windy day at the end of the week( I have loads of excuses for being a snail).

It was not long before the Garmin guy was 220 m ahead of me. He of course keeps a regular pace whilst I on the other hand wheeze up hills and slow down crossing roads and Imagedodge pedestrians when I run through a shopping area. But his disadvantage is that he has no kick at the end. I ran the last three Kms 5.06….4.57….4.51. And won by 40m.

Kind of sad when the only person I can out run these days is on my wrist.

Finished the ay with 200 crunches and 30 push ups.


2 thoughts on “Man v Garmin. Short Medium Long run.

  1. Great post, loved it & Happy running 😀

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