Tapering for a Training run !! ??

Yes…maybe a strange thing to do. Yesterday I ran 17 Km ….not a long run by anyone’s standards. But it was on hard concrete and I finished hard ( well hard for me…4.50 pace)…oh and did I mention the hills and the wind? :-).

Years ago ( and by this I mean early mid 80s ) I would have run 17 and then the next day maybe 10 or 12 and then undertook the LONG RUN. But nowadays I am trying to be a bit smarter. Well maybe not really smarter but at least not be injured as often. Thus I only ran 3 Km today in anticipation of running long tomorrow. ( Light rain…very comfortable).

I am actually a little scared of the Long Run….it’s just so LONG. I am scared of breaking down and limping home. I am scared of being out there for so long. I am scared of finding the pace hard when I want to run the Marathon faster than what I intend to do tomorrow.I am scared of my lack of will power.Image

Today I looked for my Spartan Running singlet. I remember hanging it in my closet 23 years ago. No sign of it. These things can’t move by themselves can they? Hope this is not a bad omen. We have the Spartan AGM on Monday…maybe I can buy a new one!!

200 stomach crunches and 30 push ups today.


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