Long Run a complete Disaster !!!


Tried to run long today but just couldn’t do it. Am wondering if I have any hope of running this Marathon in 4 weeks time!!

Original plan for today was that Tamami San would drive me 10 Km from home….I would then run back and meet her and we would run 12.5 together….U turn and run 12.5km back home. I would run 35 and she would run 25.

But I never felt good. The first 10 went ok and i ran at a strong pace…but by the time I got to 20 I was starting to slow. Just felt tired.. Gave up on the idea of 35 and turned early.Stopped for a gel and water at 22km. After that it was a death march for the next 8 or 9 Km. 

Tamami San was very helpful running next to me telling me not to give up and to keep running. But it did not help as my last 3 Kms were 6.17….6.20…..5.27. 

Total was 30.4 Km.

Rocks my confidence a bit.

I am hoping I will feel a lot better next time I run although after today not sure if I have it in me.

I ate breakfast at 8.30 and started running a bit after 10. I think I need to modify this.

Weight 63.4 Kgm


11 thoughts on “Long Run a complete Disaster !!!

  1. way it goes sometimes! That is some healthy distance though (3/4 of a marathon!) and I am assuming you didn’t taper for it?

    Come race day you will be much fresher due to your taper so wouldn’t let it knock your confidence!

  2. I don’t think you should worry about the pace of your long run so much. The time on your feet should build the confidence so I recommend to try to complete the distance and forget about the time. The race will be very different.

  3. Have another shot at it. I think you need to have a few bad runs to get a good one. Try working on sleep, eating better – maybe have more fuel before you start. Also, rest more the day before. I like fresh legs on a long run.

    2 weeks til my race! 29 days til yours!!

  4. Yes…you are probably right. I do know that what seems an effort in training can seem a breeze in a race. But the actual length of the damn thing is what gets to me. I need more mental and physical strength.

  5. Thanks Josie….will do. I think the 17 Km on Friday took it out of me more than I thought it would. But it’s easy to make excuses. I did in fact sleep badly and my legs were tired before I started. We shall see.
    You will do well….just run smart. Not that I do that but you can.

  6. You did 30 km … that’s in the bank. Job done. Not a disaster. You are not the run you did. The run you did adds to what you are, or will be in 2 weeks when your body has adapted to that run. And a run like that on top of tired legs is adding to your conditioning. Do it again next week.

    • Thanks Steve. Yes I see that. It’s just I was about stuffed at 24 Km and just struggled from drink fountain to drink fountain till I got home. Will try again on Sunday. Hope your own running (biking?) is going well. Not easy in the heat. I complain when it’s 21 here. 🙂

  7. Look at your one bad run from the perspective of all your training…it’s just one bad day. Learn what you can from it and then move on, you’re doing great

  8. Hang in there!! I ran a terrible 9-mile LSD 8 days ago, but did fairly well on a 10-mile LSD yesterday. There’s so many variables…I just do my best to figure out what I did wrong, but most days I just write it off as a bad day. You’ll do better soon and rekindle that fire. Best of luck on your race!!

  9. if it really bugs you, complete the distance the next day- in your case I’d aim for another 10-12 km after some sleep and some rest. But only if you feel right. Doing the same distance again too soon will injure you- running ‘just’ 10-12 of the remaining marathon distance will be a positive mental shift and it’ll still count! Lots of runners split their long runs into a 2 day period. Worth trying-keep it up- that medal is not too far away!

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