Melbourne Marathon: My History

I ran my first Marathon in 1979. It was hellishly hot. I limped and staggered home in something like 3-55 and promised myself I would never run another Marathon.It was 32 degrees but felt like 40 during the last 5 Km.

In 1989 I ran my 10 th Melbourne Marathon thus qualifying myself to join the Spartans.  Those who had run the Melbourne Marathon TEN times.. In 1990 I ran my 11 th Melbourne Marathon. After that….nothing.

This year…in less than 4 weeks …I will try and run my 12 th Melbourne Marathon.

After a less than stellar 30 Km yesterday I am full of doubts.

Tonight is the AGM of the Spartans. Those who have qualified for membership are given their green spartan running singlet to wear on the big day. I have not worn mine since 1990…. In fact I can not find it. Maybe tonight I can buy a new one. Perhaps in some light modern material.

Today I only went for a short jog. Did 60 push ups and 200 stomach crunches.

In this photo I am the guy in green who looks like he is about to die.Image

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