Medium Long Run without Garmin


Decided to leave my Garmin at home and just run out to a point I knew was 14.5 Km away and then run home for a total of 29 Km being a mid week medium long run.

I think it was adversely effecting me knowing my exact distance and speed every Km. My training pace is at a very slow pace so every 10 Km takes me over 50 minutes. I start to feel worried if the pace drops off and I also worry about how bad I feel after just running 20km ( if I feel bad at 20 imagine how bad I will feel at 40 and that’s not even the finish!!)

I am still lacking stamina and probably also the will power to keep going. Today the plan  was not to stop for water or gels or road crossings or rivers ( actually no  rivers). I managed to run fairly solidly for about 26 Km but then did in fact stop for a drink and a gel.

I kept a watch at home which I started  as I went out the door and stopped as I staggered inside the house at the end of the run.

Total running time which of course includes time stopping to drink ( and I also walked down a large hill) was 2 hours 28 minutes.

Weight 63.7 Kgm ( may be very slow but my weight is staying down).

Didnt feel too bad after the run although I kind of looked bad like I was about to collapse.




One thought on “Medium Long Run without Garmin

  1. I have found that this time around (after a 25 year break) I have to pay attention to in-flight fueling (lol). Just run out of energy…

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