1980 My second Marathon


33 years ago I ran the Melbourne Marathon for the second time. It took me 3 hours 30 minutes and 27 seconds. I remember struggling in the second half and walking and limping to the finish. Although in the photo I seem to be at least running across the Finish  Line. Wearing my special Ron Hill running singlet ….wearing a singlet and not wearing a singlet at the same time.

Can I run the Melbourne  Marathon again?  I am still not sure I can go the distance. If I can run another four then the Spartans give me a blue singlet. It seems a lot of pain just to get another coloured singlet. But of course I have to do it once let alone another 4 times! What’s the old saying ‘ Just want to finish’. Yeah…that’s me!!

Today I ran 4 Kms. Not much of a run but really just to turn my legs over after running for 2 and a half hours yesterday.

In the above photo I am the guy in the red shorts. I have a handkerchief my around my neck. I remember that in those days I thought a wet cloth around my neck helped me survive the sun.



7 thoughts on “1980 My second Marathon

  1. Great read Jon! Good luck in the marathon. And don’t overcook things over the next 3 weeks. Get in some visualisation ie focus on that uber sized latte and chocolate cake at Buddha’s Belly for when you’ve finished. Followed up by a schooner or 3 of James Squire.

  2. Good luck! I’m training for my 4th half-marathon and find that hard enough. Can’t imagine a full marathon.

  3. Jon…finishing IS winning….no matter the pace!

    • Well maybe. 🙂
      Actually when I was running in the 80s I considered it a victory if I could run all the way. Took me quite a few Marathons before I achieved that.

  4. Funny because I ran my second marathon in 1980 too. I was 18 running the Dallas White Rock Marathon. I first ran it when I was 16. I never thought I’d run a marathon again. I got back into shape a few years ago and have run 5 more. I’m starting to like them.

    • When I ran my second Marathon in 1980 I ended up walking a lot of the way. I managed to run a few seconds over 3-30. Now I would be happy if I could run close to that pace again. Kind of sad.
      Good luck with your Marathon running….when is your next?

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