Solid 12 Km in the rain.

Friday evening running is always hard for me but I managed a fairly solid run of 12km or so tonight in steady rain. Not really a great run as I was running in peak hour and the roads were crowded and I had to stop three times. The short breaks made me feel quite good despite the strong wind and heavy rain. But it’s nothing like the Marathon where you just don’t stop every 5 Km. Thus it could really be called a so so run. I need the will power to keep going.

30 years ago I again ran the Melbourne Marathon. I remember that again  I found the second half very hard even though I did manage to finish with a small surge. I am not sure but maybe this was the first time I could go the distance without stopping to a walk. That is what I want to do in the 2013 version of the Melbourne Marathon.ImageI am the cool looking guy in sunnies. Just the thing for the early 80s.


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