Marathon Dress Rehearsal.Long run tomorrow.


Melbourne Marathon starts at 7 AM. I am planning to get up at 5 AM at eat breakfast then go to the race. BUT not tomorrow. Tomorrow I will get up at 7 AM and run at 9 AM.

A friend of mine gets up at 5.20 each day and goes to the pool where he walks laps. I certainly lack the will power to do this. Maybe that is why he is a 2.30 man whilst I never broke 2.50. Although that was 30 years ago. Now he walks laps of a pool! Could anything be more boring?!

For the Melbourne Marathon I will be wearing by brand new Spartan Club Running singlet ($45… Not cheap). I will not wear it tomorrow as I believe a Spartan should only wear the Sacred Singlet on the actual day of the Melbourne Marathon. But I will wear my reasonably new shoes….I ran 29 Km on Wednesday in them and they felt ok….maybe not fast but then neither am I. I remember reading about Shorter winning the Olympic Marathon in Munich wearing light racing flats….but he was out there for a little over 2 hours and was a lot lighter in weight than me….plus he  was Frank Shorter. Heavier shoes are the go for me I think. Heavy cushioning is what I will need at the end of the race. I will wear my brand new ( but cheaper) Japanese Club gold racing singlet. Namban Rengo is the name of my club In Tokyo. Looks rather classy I think. 🙂

I plan on a breakfast of two pieces of jam toast,a banana, a glass of water with a Barocca tablet ( Vit B) and a cup,of coffee. I also plan to take a gel 30 minutes before the start tomorrow. If this breakfast does not work for me I will try something else.

Tomorrow I plan to run at 20 seconds per Km slower than race pace. I think this is acceptable. I should have no trouble with running faster on race day at least for the first half. I can run sub 5 minute pace ( 8 min mile pace) with ease for the first half. it’s the second half I worry about. I lack stamina and will power. Couple of things it’s good to have when you run a Marathon.

I am not sure how far I will run tomorrow. I would like to run 35 Km but I know I am inclined to wimp out so often on this type of thing I may settle for 32 Km. Will that be enough? I don’t know.




5 thoughts on “Marathon Dress Rehearsal.Long run tomorrow.

  1. Have a great long run! You can do 35 km for sure.

  2. Good luck tomorrow. Looking forward to reading about it.

  3. Good luck, you can do it. Think positive!

  4. Strength and good running tomorrow…..

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