30 Km Training run.

My original plan was to run 35 Km. I would run the first 5 Km by myself and then Tamami would pace me for 20 Km and then I would run the last 10 Km by myself.

Got up at 7 AM as planned and had finished breakfast by 7.18. Leaving for the Lake at 8.30. Took a Gel at 8.35 as planned and started running at around 9 AM.Temperature   was 11 at the start and rose to 19. Light wind and clear sky. Felt warm enough.

I decided not to wear my Garmin as I get too obsessed with the time for each Km. As it was I ran too fast in the first 5 Km. Just on 5 min pace ( 8 min mile pace) which may sound  awfully slow but for me on a lightly graveled   track is fairly quick. I also felt a bit sick. I will change my time of breakfast to 2 and half hours before running. That may help.

Met a couple of Kiwis at about 8 Km who were training for their first half marathon. Both about 25 years old but a bit slower than me. Jogged a couple of Kms with them and started to feel a bit better.

Tamami was a great help. But by the time her 20 Km stint was coming felt an end ( about 25 Km) I felt tired and about finished. I ran on for another 5 Km but decided to stop at 30 Km as I thought I would be dipping into the death stagger if I went on….I will save that for the Big Day. 🙂

I took a gel at 15 Km and another at 25 Km. I decided not to drink today( Despite Tamami telling me to). I can drink in the Marathon and maybe feel better than I did today.

Weight 63.5

I think I learned a few things today. Hopefully run better next time.Image


9 thoughts on “30 Km Training run.

  1. hi, first-time reader of your blog 🙂 good stuff! i just thought i’d offer a tidbit of advice… it’s really important to drink water with gels (in addition to drinking water throughout!) so that may be why you weren’t feeling well. you also may have taken in too many of them. i would maybe eliminate the gel you took before you even started running. just 2 cents from a total stranger 🙂 happy training!

    • Thanks Tracy, always interested in views of others. I think you are correct about the water and gels. Today was only a training run. I will drink during the Marathon. Compared to some folk I don’t take many gels.I think two over a 2 and a half hour run ( I am very slow…8 min mile pace). I think the gel before running helps starve off hunger pains. Thanks for your advice. Run well.

  2. Good report. I hope you can enjoy the taper now and clear your mind. Shouldn’t take long 😄

  3. I think your food/gel strategy is a good one…the problem may have been not taking water with the gels (or regularly). Water with the gels helps them pass from your stomach (which shuts down when exercising) to your intestines where the sugars are absorbed. When I ran in my 40’s I never took water (or energy supplements for that matter) but I’m finding that in my 60’s I need both to have the strength to do distance.

    • Thanks G 1947. Yes I used to run marathons in my 40s and all we had was water ( from the local horse trough!). I seem to be be finding it harder to recover from long training runs now that I am in my 60s. Although this could just be lack of fitness.I will take the gels with water in the Marathon. I need all the help I can get going the distance.
      Hope your own running going well.
      Thanks again for advice.

  4. Hi! I think your pace is speedy: 8 min miles are a dream to me, and my 10 min miles! 😀

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