Less than three weeks till Marathon.

Less than three weeks till I try to  run the Melbourne Marathon again after a break of 23 years. Time has gone fast.

TAPER….not sure how to handle this. I have loads of running books and many of them have detailed schedules of what to do regarding a Marathon Taper. But I am pretty much ignoring them as to the specifics. I think I have to work towards something that will actually work for me. I have to take into account my lack of stamina and lack of speed.

I am pretty much going to continue with my normal training this week. My main planks to my training this week will be my usual medium long run on Wednesday and a longish run on Sunday. After that we will see how I feel.

ImageHere is a photo from years ago when I managed to drag myself across the line under 3 hours. This  took a great deal of effort on my part. I am not sure I have the will power these days.

Today only a short jog as my quads are sore from yesterday. Managed 200 stomach crunches and 40 push ups.


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