Losing Weight/ Gaining Weight/Lunch today

Back in the day I used to keep an eating diary wherein I wrote what I ate and when I ate it. Every month I used to go to a Dietician who would read my diary  and if she saw that I ate a muffin ( actually it was only half a muffin… And only once) she would ask me if I was serious in trying to lose fat. She would then take about 7 or 8 measurements on my body skin folds and add them all up and advise me of my progress or lack there of.Image

I have long since given this up.  Thought it was leaning a little bit towards The Crazy when you started each day writing in a book ” 7.16 AM 625ml water “. ” 11.02 AM Apple…half”.

About three years ago my weight went up to 73 Kilos ( about 160.5 pounds ). I am 177 cm tall so that’s not too bad by normal person’s standards. ( 177cm = ? 5′ 10″ ?). Anyway I changed various things in my diet and over a year I got down to 68 kilos ( that’s a bit less than 150 pounds).

My plan for this Melbourne Marathon come back race is to be 66 kilos ( 145 pounds). I have pretty much got this now and am sometimes…on a good day 63.5 kilos (bit under 140).Sometimes I am lighter.

Now this is all very well and good but I do know I am still carrying some fat. Especially  around the stomach. I now do 200 stomach crunches a day ( down from 750 a day). I know you can not spot reduce so I don’t expect a flat stomach from doing stomach crunches alone. I find them boring.

I have a friend in Japan ( an American) who is a better runner than me and about 65 years old. He is the same hight as me ( well maybe I am a little taller). He is 57.0 now ( about 125 pounds). I don’t think I could ever get down to that weight. I just lack the will power.

What is the best weight…what is the best skin fold level to run a Marathon….I am not sure. I think once I have run this Melbourne Marathon I will work a bit more with some weights. I don’t really want to get too heavy but maybe stronger. Strong and Lean. Sounds good.





One thought on “Losing Weight/ Gaining Weight/Lunch today

  1. Congratulations on reaching your goal weight. I’m stressing over my weight also…even though I have lost 40 pounds since I started running again last year, I look at my pics in my racing scrapbook from 25 years ago and know I am still too heavy. Next summer I should be about right.

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