Does a 2 Hour run equal a Medium Long run?


As it is Wednesday I thought a medium long run was in order. But I lack the will power for even the shorter runs sometimes. I thought maybe 29 Km. Sounds easy enough…run 14.5 Km and then turn around and run home …total 29 Km.

But I could not  raise the determination to push myself out the door to do this so decided to try something else.

Instead of running a set distance I would try for a set time. I decided to run for 2 hours and not measure the distance.

Decided to run in the hotest part of the day and not take any water or gels. Not stop for road cossings or mobs of kangaroos or anything. Just run without stopping for two hours.

Managed to do this with out too much trouble. Fine. But its only TWO hours.  Even though I did not use the Garmin to measure the distance I knew it was about 22 or so kms ( I am slow!). Its is a fair way short of the real thing.

It may not have been a real ‘ medium long run’ but at least I got out the door and stretched my legs a bit.

Hope I can actually run this Marathon. Not too confident.


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