Sore Quad

My right quad is very sore. I have tried ice,heat,self massage with nurofen,wearing compression shorts…nothing seems to help. However I am not too concerned as I have  over two weeks till I attempt to run the Melbourne Marathon for the first time in 23 years. I think this pain is mainly due to the weight which I hit the ground and the length of some of my training runs on a hard flat road.

Today I only went for a short jog….maybe a bit of rest may help. I also walked 3 Km. Maybe that will help my poor quad. Walking is so amazingly boring and really does nothing for fitness but I am willing to try anything. At the start of this year when I was badley injured and could not run I used to go for walks for a couple of hours..thankfully such is in the past now.

Did my usual 200 stomach crunches and 40 push plus associated stretching exercises. Not sure if this helps anything but why not….

Tonight I will have a deep tissue massage….hopefully I will feel better after that.

Received my bulk order of Running Gels today. Now that’s one plus for the day.Image


One thought on “Sore Quad

  1. Do you have a foam roller? I dread using mine each time, but always feel better afterwards!

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