Pain in quad so changed plans

Instead of running 20 Km I just ran 6 Km. My quad is still sore so I decided to do 20 Km tomorrow and take an easy day.

I read an article by the Great Joan Benoit who said as she gets older she listens more to her body and does not act  like a slave to her training schedule. She would never miss a work out when she was young  even if she was ill or injured. Now in her mid 50s she only trains once a day ( well she did say mostly once a day) and only does one day of speed work a week.

Only two weeks to go until the Melbourne Marathon. True I have a few aches and pains but who doesn’t?


5 thoughts on “Pain in quad so changed plans

  1. Well done. Sort that stuff out now.

  2. I hear you. I’m having to balance healing and training for my marathon in two weeks too. Being older is tough on the body but also gives us the wisdom to know when to cut back. Feel better!

  3. Good post. I agree with David–being older is a mixed bag of running pains that you have to decide whether or not to listen to or ignore.

  4. The photo you added to this post says it all. I had a horrible 10 miler on Friday that messed with my head a bit. However today I went back out ran 5 at my best pace on months!

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