Ye Olde Taper…Day of rest


Although it had stopped raining it was still very cold out on the road this evening not to mention the wind.

My first Km seemed to be quite fast despite my right quad still feeling a little sore. In fact by the time I had run just one Km I was thinking maybe this Marathon lark is a tad too far for me!

Today’s run was only 6 Km which sounds like nothing but still takes a few minutes when you are as slow as I am. Didn’t take a watch as I did not want to get depressed at my lack of speed.

When I turned into the last Km I found myself running into a very strong head wind. Hence the reason for flying the first Km ( wind pushing me). I decided to run the last Km into the wind as hard as I could. However only 500m after I started this mad push I started to feel a bit ill and thought about slowing down. Gotta keep working on the old will power. I am always ok when I can smell the finish and with only 500m to go I managed to hold on.


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