Short sharp and sort of fast run today

Only a short run today over my old 6km course. Quad still a bit sore but no big deal.

I tried to run a little faster today as I was only going a short distance. I probably could have knocked a few more seconds off my over all time today but I felt  a sort of short sharp pain in my left hammy so I backed off a bit. I really am very slow but tell myself that I will get better ( faster)once I get onto some speed work at the start of next year…after I have tackled this Marathon.

Time today was 27.46. Which was ok as there was a couple of small hills and lots of turn and a bit of wind. I also fell once of this course so still am a little afraid of cracks in the concrete. But on the other hand I know my ‘ 6 Km run’ is actually less than 6 Km.

Not long now!!




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