Easy jog….I suppose this is tapering

Nothing much in the way of running today.Beautiful weather to be out and about but I kept it to an easy 3 Km. I will run a bit more tomorrow…..Is this a taper?

I think I can run this Marathon…but am not sure. It is easy to say focus your mind and ignore everything but running….but I  am so slow I will be out there for over 3 hours… Probably well over….can I keep going for that long.???

I hope I have the strong mind needed….I am not sure I have.

I have run this Marathon 11 times but the last was over 23 years ago….am I older than I was ?Image


2 thoughts on “Easy jog….I suppose this is tapering

  1. wow 9 days!!! Exciting 🙂 No more super hard workouts, and eat well and drink well and sleep well.

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