Easy 80 minutes not really so easy.

Warm day for me today. 22 degrees. I know this is not really hot but felt warm enough. Even 80 minutes was a bit of an effort.

I liked the idea of going for just an easy 80 minutes today. At first I was going to run an easy 10 Km around the Lake but my running partner decided she wanted to start her Marathon training with a 35/37 Km. which I thought was a bit insane. So I plodded off into the streets by my lonesome..

The Easy 80 did not feel that easy.

Probably started a tad too fast….also as I often do I increase the speed once I turn for home ( speed …what speed?). Plus I run faster when I am within a couple of Kms of finishing. Not really that smart.

I tried to imagine running into the Stadium in 8 days time to the screams of the crowd. Must try to look good for the photograph.

Felt a bit heavy today….true ,no one called out ” look at the fat man” but maybe they thought it. Note to self: Pull stomach in crossing the finish line ( assuming you make it)

Weight 64.2.Image


4 thoughts on “Easy 80 minutes not really so easy.

  1. Not long now before race day! Good luck!

  2. You’ll make it Jon! You have the right stuff….take walking breaks before you have to, relax, and remember this is your “first” marathon…give yourself a break mentally and physically. I can’t wait to read of your success!

  3. Glad I’m not the only one concerned about photos. šŸ™‚

  4. I have yet to take a really good mid-race photo, good luck to you!

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