How to Finish a Marathon.

Well you run ( and run and run) …then get to the finish. BUT….but….you have to look good for the Photo. Sure there is the concept that as you have suffered you have the right to look like one of  The Walking Dead to show folks that you are in pain and have over come. However it’s my opinion that you should make a show of looking great as you cross the line. I mean you will pay an unreasonable amount to buy the official photo…you will frame it…place in pride of place on the top of the TV and mention it to any friends or tradesmen or Jevoh’s witnesses who happen to be in your house. So ya gotta look good.

Here are some examples.

Josie finishing Loch Ness Marathon….now this is good….looks like she is in full sprint mode…smiling ( not sure if smiling is necessary but in this case looks good).

Me finishing the. Melbourne Marathon. I went for the two hands raised as I was breaking 3 hours for the first time. This was a big thing for me. However I think a ONE handed fist pump is a better look ( well unless you are a 50 Kgm Kenyan winning the race). The other two runners in front of me distract from it a bit.Image

Tamami finishing the Tokyo Marathon….not too bad but not great….too many people around….also it was raining and for a while snowing so she was wearing a plastic jacket when she finished…noImage….take it off. She is the one in the reddish cap BTW.

I think the way to go is….be in the centre of the lane….not be behind some 7 foot Viking….or be behind someone dressed as a turnip ( I once finished a Marathon in 3-03 behind a guy dressed as an Indian with an arrow in his gut!)…look determined….don’t look like you are a walking corpse…don’t look too relaxed( well maybe that’s not an option)… said I favour the one handed  clenched fist. If you can at least look like a runner…that’s a good look….after all you have run a Marathon…that’s a great feat.Image


3 thoughts on “How to Finish a Marathon.

  1. I admire your attention to detail in your preparation.

  2. I never buy the finish line pic….I always look like I’ve been sucking on a lemon for 26 miles…lol

  3. I will take the advice of being in the middle. For my 1/2, I got stuck behind a couple who joined hands and kissed.

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