Still using the ice

Seems strange to ice after a 3 Km around the streets. But I still have aches and pains and am scared of these preventing me finishing the Marathon on Sunday.

During the first Km I saw my shadow. I thought I looked really terrible. My old injury behind my knee was hurting. Hurting me before I had got to the one Km mark. That pain did go away but in the last Km I felt pain in my hamstring. Not good.

Have I done enough?

Has all this sitting around caused me to put on too much weight so I just can’t run?

How fast should I try to run….today was like a crawl and I didn’t feel that great. I have to run faster than that on race day or I will finish in the middle of next week.Image


2 thoughts on “Still using the ice

  1. lol….surely you remember taper jitters? You got ’em….relax, it’ll be OK.

  2. Your big day is SO close. Best of luck!

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