To Garmin or not to Garmin? That is the question.

ImageShould I wear 

my Garmin in Sunday’s Melbourne Marathon?

Of course when I last raced the Melbourne Marathon in 1990 we did not even have Garmins. That was a simpler time.

I love my Garmin…it’s a 610 model. It vibrates at each Km mark. I believe it’s quite accurate. I really like sitting down after a run of say 30 Kms and reading all my Km splits and transferring them into my running diary. Sometimes when I have run the same route multiple times I rewrite all my times and compare.

However I am afraid to wear my Garmin on Sunday during the Marathon. I know I can easily get discouraged and if my Garmin tells me I have run 4km and I don’t feel crash hot I am inclined to consider the distance I have to go and then just give up.

Further I am scared of the pace. If I run the first Km in 4.30 I will probably panic and think I am going too fast. I know 4.30 pace ( a tad over 7 minute mile pace) is rather slow but then so am I. Likewise if I ran the first Km at 5.50 I would think I am going too slow and panic.

I would like to judge my one Km pace. But I think the physiological impediments are just too great.

I think I will leave my Garmin at home and just take a cheapo sports watch which tells me how long I have been running. No doubt there will be 5 Km markers out on the course.

I still love my Garmin.


5 thoughts on “To Garmin or not to Garmin? That is the question.

  1. If you can stand to go without, I would recommend that. Or if you wear it, can you turn off the vibrate notifications, and also set the display to “elapsed time” instead of pace?

  2. If you can, just have the display show time rather than splits? ^As above suggests. I like wearing mine just so I can analyze the data afterwards.

  3. I plan on using my GPS during my Novemeber marathon. It’ll be the first “race” I’ve worn it at.

  4. There will almost certainly be markers every km. Not always easy to see however, when there are a lot of runners on the course.

    At one k last year there was a symphony around me as the Garmins all let their wearers know haow far they had gone.

  5. It’s certainly a double edged sword. It’s easy to keep pace with it but if you start dropping off your expected pace it can get quite discouraging.

    I use mine all the time for training and racing as I am a bit of a data junkie. I like to know where I am pace wise and how I am tracking (and to stop me going off too fast at the start)

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