Melbourne Marathon Tomorrow

It seems a long time since I was told I was badly injured  at the start of this year and would probably be able to start jogging again in 6 weeks. I remember interpreting this to mean that after 42 days I could start training again. During those 42 days I did pretty much stop running completely apart from a jog each day. Day one was a 20 m jog. 

Now here is the Melbourne Marathon starting tomorrow at 7 AM. 

I still feel the pain from my original injury behind my knee each time I run but that usually fades away. I still get the  odd same sharp pain in my hamstring….but my thinking is that I certainly don’t run fast so my hamstring should just shut up and go along for the ( slow)ride.My quads are sore but I don’t really feel them much whilst running. After the Marathon? Well that may be another story.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully I will have the will power to keep going.Image


7 thoughts on “Melbourne Marathon Tomorrow

  1. Good luck tomorrow. I know you will have a great race.

  2. Good luck! Give it all you got! Pulling for you my friend!

  3. Thinking about you…..

  4. Good luck! Have faith, you can do it!

  5. The journey ends tomorrow. Best of luck and speedy feet.

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