Melbourne Marathon Completed

I ran my 12 th Melbourne Marathon this morning. I am not sure it will be my last or not.

Ran went pretty much to plan although I was a little bit slower than what I would have liked.

My main aim was to run the whole thing no matter what pace and to run into the MCG at a good pace. That was pretty much what happened. I was pleased to see that from 30 to 40 Km I passed 59 other runners and from 40 to 42 Km I passed another 42. I putt on a bit of a kick in the last 200m whilst in the stadium and that felt good.

I made a big effort to run slowly for the first 5 Km…perhaps too slowly….you can never be sure what may have happened if you had gone out a lot faster.

Overall I felt the distance was hard to handle By 36 Km I was feeling none too flash and just kept telling myself not to quit and walk. ” Just finish…get this over with.”

I made a big effort to drink quite a built at each aid station from 10 Km onwards. I think this was a wise move even if it was a coolish day …actually it rained for the last hour.

My Net Time was 3-54.44. Nothing flash I must admit but about 2 minutes fast than my first Melbourne Marathon in 1979. I also bettered the qualifying time for my age group in the Boston Marathon.

Finished 24 th out of 98 runners in my age group.


12 thoughts on “Melbourne Marathon Completed

  1. That’s awesome! I was looking out for your post when Iogged in this morning, so really pleased to see that you did so well. Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Fantastic result, congratulations. All your hard work paid off. Well done on passing all those people at the end. That shows class.

  3. Congrats and well done 🙂 Your training and hard work paid off. 24th out of 98 in your age group is a fantastic result, and 2mins faster than your previous time back in 1979

  4. Many congratulations. Really pleased for you.

  5. Well done! Journey complete.

  6. Great job. Must have been fun running that same marathon again!!!

  7. Congrats. Hard work pays off!

  8. Great effort! Also nice that your race plan worked out well. Must be fun running into the G

  9. Congrats! I knew you could do it!

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