Marathon Race: What went right and what went wrong.

First off not a great many things went wrong. In my training I could have perhaps done some tempo runs at say 4.30 minutes per Km pace. I really did none. Also with long runs I ran 30 Km about 4 times but only 35 once and even on that one I crawled the last 5 Km in 6 minute pace. Maybe I should have done more.

During the race I chatted with many people. Possibly I used too much energy there. I also went at their pace which may have been a tad slow.I also slowed to encourage other runners who seemed to be in trouble….not sure really if that effected me much.

I found the distance fairly hard. From about 36 Km ( when it started raining ) I simply put my head down and ran to finish and really did not care about much else. I locked in behind people whom I should have passed. Also keeping my head down I also seemed to be running into the backs of slower half Marathon runners.

I had pain in my stomach for about two weeks before the race and also could not shake off pain in my right quad. Both negatives but probably did not really impact of on my performance.I have pain behind my left knee but on the day I did not feel that.

As to what went right,the main thing was that I did not give up. Too often in races I slow down. Although I was not very fast yesterday I kept at it.

I also drank ( water) at every aid station after 10 Km…can’t remember if I took a drink at 10,maybe I did.I made a big effort to drink at least half a  cup At each station. I think this helped.I don’t think I did this in the past.

I took a gel at about 26 and 36km. Not sure if that helped. Probably it did. Certainly did not hurt.

My choice of shoes was probably a good move. I purchased some new shoes about a month before the race but decided to go with my tried and try training shoes for the race.No problems.

I was also pleased to pass about 70 odd runners between 30 and 40 Km and another 42 in the last two Kms. I ( sort of ) sprinted the last 200m once inside the stadium. So having the strength to do this was a positive for me.

I did not feel too bad at the finish….now that’s a big plus for me. I do NOW feel like my quads are about to fall off….but that’s to be expected. Some times I feel faint and a bit dizzy but did not feel this yesterday.

I think writing a BLOG was a good move. Sometimes it gives me something to think about when training. Also it gets me out the door at night when it’s dark,windy and raining….have to have something to write about.




One thought on “Marathon Race: What went right and what went wrong.

  1. Congrats! Great job!

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