How to Recover from a Marathon

One thing I have learned over the journey is that what works for one may not work for another. Anyway this is what I am doing….if it works…great…if not…well I will try something else next time.Follow me at your peril !

When I ran my first Marathon I did not run again for 4 months. During the 20 or so Marathons I ran in the 80s I eventually  altered this plan and started with a very short painful jog for about 4 minutes the day after the race.

According to ‘ The Athletes Guide to Recovery ‘ if you run as slow as me for a quick recovery it should be 15 days and for a slow recovery 23 days.

The day after the Marathon ( yesterday) I did a super short jog. Today I ran my usual 3 Km run….the one I used in my taper. True my  quads were a bit sore and I felt a little tired. But I ran sort of OK. …….I think the fact that I had to get up at 4.30 in the morning to race…and then last night we had a dinner party going late into the night caused me to feel tired. I also drove a friend to the airport….what a guy! 🙂

I once read (somewhere) that for recovery it’s one day for every Km raced. Hmmmmm…that’s 42 days….6 weeks. I am of  the mind that this is correct in so far as having another decent race. I would not expect to run a worthwhile race in the next six weeks.

So my plan is to just jog easily for the rest of this week and on Monday check out how I feel and move on from there. Oh yes…also ice…and maybe some light massage.Image


5 thoughts on “How to Recover from a Marathon

  1. Well done! I’ve not run for over a fortnight since the Berlin Marathon. Tonight I MUST start running again!

  2. I have heard the you should do your taper backwards to get back into running. But for me I usually take off 3 full days and then easy runs for the next week and build back up.

    • I would not do my taper backwards although maybe that could be a good idea.I think I will just do the easy runs till maybe Monday and then slowly build back up.

  3. Recovery doesn’t always mean no running 😉 But it seems like you know that with the recovery runs you’ve already done

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