New Goal….new roads to run.

Wife Tamami wanted to run 32 Km ( 20 miles) before breakfast today. I thought about asking if that meant breakfast would be late this morning but instead I offered to run the last 12 with her. 

This morning’s run was pretty good. Took over an hour but that does not matter. I was the pace maker for Tamami and I probably gained power from her pain. She did end up running the last Km quite hard and finished feeling reasonable. Well sort of reasonable.

Melbourne Marathon was the Sunday before last. Eight days ago. I have rested and although my left hammy is hurting a bit and my right quad is still sore I am probably ready to start runniah again.

I think I will pop up to Macau and run a Half Marathon. December 1 st is the day.

Time to start training.Image


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