Speed training…new Blog

Speed training.


Time to run a bit faster

Ok Marathon has come and gone and now to try and run a little faster.

Reasonable run today. After about an easy couple of Kms I moved a little faster and was pleased to see I got to my turn about point quit quickly for me. I pushed the pace a bit coming home and recorded my fastest time for that course.

Probably I was still very slow however I felt  like I was moving a bit faster than my usual plod. I kept ‘ the pace’ up and did not wimp out as is my want.

I am thinking on starting another Blog…something like Quest for Speed. One man’s endeavour to out run a slow moving tree.Image

Back on the Road again

Two weeks after the Melbourne Marathon I got out of bed to help wife Tamami with her long run. She wanted to run 32km ( actually she wanted to run 37 but I told her that was not smart) so I agreed to run the first 20km with her. Am I a great husband or what!!

Run today was over a fairly hilly course. I found it very easy. Tamami ran the first 20 Km with me and ran well although she struggles on the up sections. But she will get stronger and should run the Macau Marathon in December well.

It was good to get out on the roads and paths today. I am still not 100% but run today was fairly encouraging.

As I write I am watching  a replay of the Melbourne Marathon which I of course ran. The leaders look so strong.Image

The enjoyment of being an official.

Today I volunteered to help out at the All schools Championships at the Track. My job was not too hard. I worked in the Call Room. Checking runners names off a list and then marching them to the start. This competition is for the best school kids and those under 20 in the State. They sure did look very young and strong. Or maybe it was just me feelintold and weak! Only one hassle…not sure where the 200 hurdles start was. What kind of an event is the 200 hurdles. Didnt have those sorts of things in MY day. Luckily some 12 year old girl pointed me in the right direction.

Got an OK boxed lunch and a pretty awful coffee.

As for me just an easy jog. 25 sit-ups and 50 push ups…so far…..Maybe more this evening. I am thinking of doing 100 push ups and 100 crunches each day and just leave it at that. I also did one of these plank things. 2 minutes. More next time.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since the Marathon. Time to get myself off the sofa and back on the roads. A runner runs.Image

Importance of a Recovery run

When you get a bit older ( as I will one day) it’s my belief that a recovery run is a wise move. I am trying to be wise….it is not always easy.

I ran the Melbourne Marathon 12 days ago and last night stepped onto the track for the first time in about two years and ran a 5 Km race. True I did not push myself but I still ran well under 5 minute pace. That is a faster pace than I plod around the streets at in my normal training. Anyway today was the Recovery Run day. I did in fact feel quite good but did not want to do anything much.

Ran my usual 6 Km in light rain. every now and again I felt the pace increase but managed to slow myself down. Not much of a training run it is try but turned my legs over for half an hour or so.

Next race will be a Half Marathon in Macau in December. I will need to find some sort of speed. Not sure how?

Here is a photo of me after today’s run. Not too stressed.Image




Back on the Track

Tonight I joined the East Burwood Masters runners and ran a 5 Km race on the Athletic Track. As it was only 10 days since I ran the Marathon I did not take it too seriously. Running the race in a bit over 23 minutes which was certainly slow. But I was happy enough to have got out there and done it. Hopefully after I return from Japan in mid January next year I can run with this group on a regular basis. Image

This is a worthwhile read

I am reading  ‘ Kings of the Road’ by Cameron Stracher. Bill Rodgers.Shorter.Salazar. I have read about them before of course but this book really goes into the American Road Racing scene and the larger than life personalities from 1972-1982.


I met Frank Shorter a few years back in Canada. I was amazed at how fit and tanned he looked. Make that very tanned. I asked him how I could get faster.