The enjoyment of being an official.

Today I volunteered to help out at the All schools Championships at the Track. My job was not too hard. I worked in the Call Room. Checking runners names off a list and then marching them to the start. This competition is for the best school kids and those under 20 in the State. They sure did look very young and strong. Or maybe it was just me feelintold and weak! Only one hassle…not sure where the 200 hurdles start was. What kind of an event is the 200 hurdles. Didnt have those sorts of things in MY day. Luckily some 12 year old girl pointed me in the right direction.

Got an OK boxed lunch and a pretty awful coffee.

As for me just an easy jog. 25 sit-ups and 50 push ups…so far…..Maybe more this evening. I am thinking of doing 100 push ups and 100 crunches each day and just leave it at that. I also did one of these plank things. 2 minutes. More next time.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since the Marathon. Time to get myself off the sofa and back on the roads. A runner runs.Image