An attempt at speed work.

ImageI am finding the temperature a little hard to handle but it is certainly easier running in the cold than in humidity which really knocks me about.

Today was cold but the rain stopped when I went out so nothing to complain about.

I ran  4 times at a pace faster than my usual plod.

First I ran about 1500m fairly slowly until I came to a muddy grassy path next to a creek.

FIRST RUN  of about one Km….Pace 4.19 per Km. I felt I was really pushing this. Running into a wind. Not sure what is best…wet grass or mud.

Then a 500m walk jog stagger….

SECOND RUN…this was only 500m….Pace 3.53 per Km. On a path.

Another Km jog walk…

THIRD RUN…back on the mud….I thought I did not try as hard but Pace 4.10 per Km

Jog 500

FOURTH RUN…again 500m on the path….3.51 min per Km pace.

2 Km jog home.

I am still amazingly slow but….actually I am not sure what the but is…..maybe but I did it.


Another Taper Run

When I ran last year in the heat and humidity of Tokyo I promised myself that I would never complain again about the cold. However let me say it was cold out on the road today.

Just ran a few Kms today. First Km did not feel too good but eventually got into it….it was not too far.

Quad was still sore.  Am using a roller and some self massage. I have put aside the compression garments for now as I don’t think they are helping too much. Probably they will be better as a recovery aid. I am also applying heat packs….maybe they are helping some what but certainly not the cure all.

Did I mention it was cold out the tonight?

200 stomach crunches and 40 push-ups.Image


Ye Olde Taper…Day of rest


Although it had stopped raining it was still very cold out on the road this evening not to mention the wind.

My first Km seemed to be quite fast despite my right quad still feeling a little sore. In fact by the time I had run just one Km I was thinking maybe this Marathon lark is a tad too far for me!

Today’s run was only 6 Km which sounds like nothing but still takes a few minutes when you are as slow as I am. Didn’t take a watch as I did not want to get depressed at my lack of speed.

When I turned into the last Km I found myself running into a very strong head wind. Hence the reason for flying the first Km ( wind pushing me). I decided to run the last Km into the wind as hard as I could. However only 500m after I started this mad push I started to feel a bit ill and thought about slowing down. Gotta keep working on the old will power. I am always ok when I can smell the finish and with only 500m to go I managed to hold on.

How to handle Rain,Wind and Cold whilst running.

OK so it was not really that cold although the wind was fairly strong.The rain had stopped and did not start again until I was half way home. ( haha fooled you weather  gods).

Still felt a little tired ….probably more from Saturday’s race than the 35 Km struggle  on Tuesday. Did not really feel that keen to run off into the rain. Thankfully the rain eased off just as I went out the door.

The Key to handling the wind and rain whilst running is to just ignore it and run. Actually I did wear a hat. I kind of disappear into my own little world under hat and just run. Just do it. That sounds a good slogan.

Stomach crunches 250. Push ups 60. Must do more.

How to run in the Cold


The Weather Ap on my iPad said it was 8 degrees but feels like 3 when I started out this evening. I have vague plans of running LONG tomorrow so today can be considered a rest day.

The rain ( and hail) had stopped when I started but the wind was very nasty. On the way home my face started to freeze up as I ran into the wind for the last couple of Kms. I must have looked so slow!

When I ran in the heat and humidity of Tokyo last year I promised myself I would never complain about running in the cold again. So I sort of dont  go on about the cold in Melbourne.BUT… sure was cold.

The way to handle the cold when running is…..well I don’t know if there is any great way to cope…I think the only thing to do is go out the door and run.

Stomach Crunches 250. Push ups 60

Is it better to run hungry?

True I did eat lunch today but that was 6 hours before I set out on the road. My stomach was saying ” Feed me, feed me”. Not a great feeling when it’s cold and windy out. Was suggested to me that I take a Gel but I thought I will be out for less than hour so it’s kind of a waste of a gel. 

Anyhow I ran a fairly solid 8 Km ( 5 miles). Does not sound much but it still requires an effort especially with the wind and the temperature getting colder by the minute.

I attacked the last four hills…well sort of attacked….ran up them a bit faster. They were not big hills but every incline is a battle these days.

Stomach crunches 250. Push ups 70

Weight 66.5 Kgm….146 poundsImage

The 30 rules of running.

Years ago I heard a talk by a 2-11 Marathon runner and coach. He said that when he started coaching he set out 30 rules which a runner must follow. But after a while he refined this to just 3 rules. Eventually,he said, he decided that there was really only one rule. That rule he said was ” A runner runs”.

Cross training,yoga and all the rest are nice….but if you want to be a runner you get out on the road ( or track) and run.Image

Today ( well actually everyday) I followed the rule and ran. I was lucky and although it was windy it only started raining after about 50 minutes and then not very hard.

My idea for this Marathon Campaign is to work on long runs. A long run once a week and a medium run mid week. I also race most week ends.

I ran about 16 Kms ( 10 miles) today. Started fairly slowly and came home at a steady rate. I did not bring my Garmin as I really didn’t want to know how slow I really am.

A bit of pain in my Achilles. Put some ice on.

Stomach crunches 250. Push ups 70