An attempt at speed work.

ImageI am finding the temperature a little hard to handle but it is certainly easier running in the cold than in humidity which really knocks me about.

Today was cold but the rain stopped when I went out so nothing to complain about.

I ran  4 times at a pace faster than my usual plod.

First I ran about 1500m fairly slowly until I came to a muddy grassy path next to a creek.

FIRST RUN  of about one Km….Pace 4.19 per Km. I felt I was really pushing this. Running into a wind. Not sure what is best…wet grass or mud.

Then a 500m walk jog stagger….

SECOND RUN…this was only 500m….Pace 3.53 per Km. On a path.

Another Km jog walk…

THIRD RUN…back on the mud….I thought I did not try as hard but Pace 4.10 per Km

Jog 500

FOURTH RUN…again 500m on the path….3.51 min per Km pace.

2 Km jog home.

I am still amazingly slow but….actually I am not sure what the but is…..maybe but I did it.


Melbourne Marathon Completed

I ran my 12 th Melbourne Marathon this morning. I am not sure it will be my last or not.

Ran went pretty much to plan although I was a little bit slower than what I would have liked.

My main aim was to run the whole thing no matter what pace and to run into the MCG at a good pace. That was pretty much what happened. I was pleased to see that from 30 to 40 Km I passed 59 other runners and from 40 to 42 Km I passed another 42. I putt on a bit of a kick in the last 200m whilst in the stadium and that felt good.

I made a big effort to run slowly for the first 5 Km…perhaps too slowly….you can never be sure what may have happened if you had gone out a lot faster.

Overall I felt the distance was hard to handle By 36 Km I was feeling none too flash and just kept telling myself not to quit and walk. ” Just finish…get this over with.”

I made a big effort to drink quite a built at each aid station from 10 Km onwards. I think this was a wise move even if it was a coolish day …actually it rained for the last hour.

My Net Time was 3-54.44. Nothing flash I must admit but about 2 minutes fast than my first Melbourne Marathon in 1979. I also bettered the qualifying time for my age group in the Boston Marathon.

Finished 24 th out of 98 runners in my age group.