Back on the Road again

Two weeks after the Melbourne Marathon I got out of bed to help wife Tamami with her long run. She wanted to run 32km ( actually she wanted to run 37 but I told her that was not smart) so I agreed to run the first 20km with her. Am I a great husband or what!!

Run today was over a fairly hilly course. I found it very easy. Tamami ran the first 20 Km with me and ran well although she struggles on the up sections. But she will get stronger and should run the Macau Marathon in December well.

It was good to get out on the roads and paths today. I am still not 100% but run today was fairly encouraging.

As I write I am watching  a replay of the Melbourne Marathon which I of course ran. The leaders look so strong.Image


A few Hills for fun

Went down to the Beach House for a few days of rest. Ran some hills yesterday. Had forgotten how good hills are. They really hurt. I must get down the beach and run loads of hills over a number a of days. That will be my secret weapon for 2014. Hills build strenght and will power….couple of things I lack. Get to the coast and really run some painful hills. Seems like a fun plan.Image

Slowly recovering for the Marathon last Sunday. For now I am taking it easy.

My hill plan is a secret so please don’t tell anyone.

Hill running and grass running

Legs a little sore so I decided not to run a medium long mid week run of 2 and a half hours. Instead I ran a up a large hill..then ran about 4 Km on grass ( don’t like but good for my legs) and then ended up having a race with Tamami over the last two Km.

With two Kms to go Tamami decided to run at 4.50  pace….not super fast but fast for the type of training we do…especially after the killer hill. I responded by running the last Km in 4.26…. That will show her! 🙂ImageHere is me finishing.

Running each day…every day.

I run everyday of the year without fail. Some days are long…most are not. Some days are very short. Yesterday was very short. But it was a run. Not a great run but a run.

Yesterday morning was spent walking the streets of Sydney stopping now and then for a cup of coffee.Pavement was hard…but do I complain? Well not much.

In the afternoon went to the Beach side suburb of Sydney called Bondi. Fantastic weather.Went to a local golf course and did the good husband thing and caddied for Tamami. It was a pretty short course so Tamami played it twice. Oh that was fun!

Train to airport…waiting around…flight home …drive home from airport. Finally got home at 10.30PM. Went out for run immediately. Legs felt terrible but I put that down to driving from the airport plus sitting in the plane….not to mention stomping around a very hilly golf course.

Back now in Melbourne….time to stop being a wimp and start pushing myself harder.

How to run whilst on holidays.

Am still in Sydney and the weather is rather nice.About 22 degrees and little wind. Blue sky.

I am lazy and am not up to being a morning runner although I could well imagine that this is the smart thing to do. Up at the crack o dawn and get in a good hour or so before the office workers and tourists clog the streets. Not my cup of sake.

I run in the afternoon or the evening after spending the day doing the tourist thing. Meaning a lot of walking. I am not a fan of walking ( especially in a race!).

Today I managed to get out before 5 PM despite feeling a little leg weary. Ran about 30 minutes but at a reasonable clip.Pushed myself up the hills at something more than my dead man’s stagger. So it was a fair enough run.

As to how to run whilst on holidays the trick is to just go out the door and do it.


Running in a strange city

Well Sydney is really not that strange. Still it is different from Melbourne my home town ( well Melbourne and Tokyo).

Arrived in Sydney today and after walking around the city for a few hours I went out for a short run.Ran around a place called Domain. A few hills made it interesting.Only 35 minutes but better than nothing.

One good thing about Sydney today was the weather. It was so mild. No rain.No bighting rain.Make you soft perhaps.