Back on the Track

Tonight I joined the East Burwood Masters runners and ran a 5 Km race on the Athletic Track. As it was only 10 days since I ran the Marathon I did not take it too seriously. Running the race in a bit over 23 minutes which was certainly slow. But I was happy enough to have got out there and done it. Hopefully after I return from Japan in mid January next year I can run with this group on a regular basis. Image


Friday after Marathon. Feeling good.


Starting to feel pretty good. Quads hardly hurt at all and sore hammy not too bad. Behind the knee pain seems to have retreated to the back ground. Bruised toe does not cause me too much trouble except at night. Bit of pain in my stomach,but had that before the race.

I seem to be recovering well from the Marathon. Hopefully the race itself will give me a bit of a boost to get on with some more running.

I will go to Japan in a week or so and try and get some fast running done there with my Namban Rengo ( Tokyo Club) team mates.