An attempt at speed work.

ImageI am finding the temperature a little hard to handle but it is certainly easier running in the cold than in humidity which really knocks me about.

Today was cold but the rain stopped when I went out so nothing to complain about.

I ran  4 times at a pace faster than my usual plod.

First I ran about 1500m fairly slowly until I came to a muddy grassy path next to a creek.

FIRST RUN  of about one Km….Pace 4.19 per Km. I felt I was really pushing this. Running into a wind. Not sure what is best…wet grass or mud.

Then a 500m walk jog stagger….

SECOND RUN…this was only 500m….Pace 3.53 per Km. On a path.

Another Km jog walk…

THIRD RUN…back on the mud….I thought I did not try as hard but Pace 4.10 per Km

Jog 500

FOURTH RUN…again 500m on the path….3.51 min per Km pace.

2 Km jog home.

I am still amazingly slow but….actually I am not sure what the but is…..maybe but I did it.



Well I completed the race without falling like I foolishly did last year so that was the main thing.

Race started in solid rain which eased off as we got underway. First knew Km was on roads which suits me although there were plenty of up hill section.Also steep down hill sections which I took very carefully. I passed two runners going up and no one going down.

The main climb is usually covered in mud but today had turned into a down hill stream which now joins the list of surfaces which I don’t like running on! I managed to run up without stopping and even passed a few other runners.

I have run this race many times but I was surprised how many steep declines there were….I almost walked down the steep sections as I was scared of falling again.

We ran through some farms and climbed a gate which I also took carefully (slowly)…I managed to drag myself past a few more runners as we came back onto the roads. I probably got up to about 5 or 6 th but was run into the ground in the last Km. Some of the guys passing me may have been 40 years younger than me but they still made me feel bad.

Finished 11 th but main thing was that I got through it. I think I did not give up although when those tall young guys passed me near the end I did not really show any response.

Still a very long way till I can run the Marathon but today was a (small) step in the right direction.