Back on the Track

Tonight I joined the East Burwood Masters runners and ran a 5 Km race on the Athletic Track. As it was only 10 days since I ran the Marathon I did not take it too seriously. Running the race in a bit over 23 minutes which was certainly slow. But I was happy enough to have got out there and done it. Hopefully after I return from Japan in mid January next year I can run with this group on a regular basis. Image


Friday after Marathon. Feeling good.


Starting to feel pretty good. Quads hardly hurt at all and sore hammy not too bad. Behind the knee pain seems to have retreated to the back ground. Bruised toe does not cause me too much trouble except at night. Bit of pain in my stomach,but had that before the race.

I seem to be recovering well from the Marathon. Hopefully the race itself will give me a bit of a boost to get on with some more running.

I will go to Japan in a week or so and try and get some fast running done there with my Namban Rengo ( Tokyo Club) team mates.

How to Recover from a Marathon

One thing I have learned over the journey is that what works for one may not work for another. Anyway this is what I am doing….if it works…great…if not…well I will try something else next time.Follow me at your peril !

When I ran my first Marathon I did not run again for 4 months. During the 20 or so Marathons I ran in the 80s I eventually  altered this plan and started with a very short painful jog for about 4 minutes the day after the race.

According to ‘ The Athletes Guide to Recovery ‘ if you run as slow as me for a quick recovery it should be 15 days and for a slow recovery 23 days.

The day after the Marathon ( yesterday) I did a super short jog. Today I ran my usual 3 Km run….the one I used in my taper. True my  quads were a bit sore and I felt a little tired. But I ran sort of OK. …….I think the fact that I had to get up at 4.30 in the morning to race…and then last night we had a dinner party going late into the night caused me to feel tired. I also drove a friend to the airport….what a guy! 🙂

I once read (somewhere) that for recovery it’s one day for every Km raced. Hmmmmm…that’s 42 days….6 weeks. I am of  the mind that this is correct in so far as having another decent race. I would not expect to run a worthwhile race in the next six weeks.

So my plan is to just jog easily for the rest of this week and on Monday check out how I feel and move on from there. Oh yes…also ice…and maybe some light massage.Image

Marathon Race: What went right and what went wrong.

First off not a great many things went wrong. In my training I could have perhaps done some tempo runs at say 4.30 minutes per Km pace. I really did none. Also with long runs I ran 30 Km about 4 times but only 35 once and even on that one I crawled the last 5 Km in 6 minute pace. Maybe I should have done more.

During the race I chatted with many people. Possibly I used too much energy there. I also went at their pace which may have been a tad slow.I also slowed to encourage other runners who seemed to be in trouble….not sure really if that effected me much.

I found the distance fairly hard. From about 36 Km ( when it started raining ) I simply put my head down and ran to finish and really did not care about much else. I locked in behind people whom I should have passed. Also keeping my head down I also seemed to be running into the backs of slower half Marathon runners.

I had pain in my stomach for about two weeks before the race and also could not shake off pain in my right quad. Both negatives but probably did not really impact of on my performance.I have pain behind my left knee but on the day I did not feel that.

As to what went right,the main thing was that I did not give up. Too often in races I slow down. Although I was not very fast yesterday I kept at it.

I also drank ( water) at every aid station after 10 Km…can’t remember if I took a drink at 10,maybe I did.I made a big effort to drink at least half a  cup At each station. I think this helped.I don’t think I did this in the past.

I took a gel at about 26 and 36km. Not sure if that helped. Probably it did. Certainly did not hurt.

My choice of shoes was probably a good move. I purchased some new shoes about a month before the race but decided to go with my tried and try training shoes for the race.No problems.

I was also pleased to pass about 70 odd runners between 30 and 40 Km and another 42 in the last two Kms. I ( sort of ) sprinted the last 200m once inside the stadium. So having the strength to do this was a positive for me.

I did not feel too bad at the finish….now that’s a big plus for me. I do NOW feel like my quads are about to fall off….but that’s to be expected. Some times I feel faint and a bit dizzy but did not feel this yesterday.

I think writing a BLOG was a good move. Sometimes it gives me something to think about when training. Also it gets me out the door at night when it’s dark,windy and raining….have to have something to write about.



Melbourne Marathon Completed

I ran my 12 th Melbourne Marathon this morning. I am not sure it will be my last or not.

Ran went pretty much to plan although I was a little bit slower than what I would have liked.

My main aim was to run the whole thing no matter what pace and to run into the MCG at a good pace. That was pretty much what happened. I was pleased to see that from 30 to 40 Km I passed 59 other runners and from 40 to 42 Km I passed another 42. I putt on a bit of a kick in the last 200m whilst in the stadium and that felt good.

I made a big effort to run slowly for the first 5 Km…perhaps too slowly….you can never be sure what may have happened if you had gone out a lot faster.

Overall I felt the distance was hard to handle By 36 Km I was feeling none too flash and just kept telling myself not to quit and walk. ” Just finish…get this over with.”

I made a big effort to drink quite a built at each aid station from 10 Km onwards. I think this was a wise move even if it was a coolish day …actually it rained for the last hour.

My Net Time was 3-54.44. Nothing flash I must admit but about 2 minutes fast than my first Melbourne Marathon in 1979. I also bettered the qualifying time for my age group in the Boston Marathon.

Finished 24 th out of 98 runners in my age group.

Melbourne Marathon Tomorrow

It seems a long time since I was told I was badly injured  at the start of this year and would probably be able to start jogging again in 6 weeks. I remember interpreting this to mean that after 42 days I could start training again. During those 42 days I did pretty much stop running completely apart from a jog each day. Day one was a 20 m jog. 

Now here is the Melbourne Marathon starting tomorrow at 7 AM. 

I still feel the pain from my original injury behind my knee each time I run but that usually fades away. I still get the  odd same sharp pain in my hamstring….but my thinking is that I certainly don’t run fast so my hamstring should just shut up and go along for the ( slow)ride.My quads are sore but I don’t really feel them much whilst running. After the Marathon? Well that may be another story.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully I will have the will power to keep going.Image