Importance of a Recovery run

When you get a bit older ( as I will one day) it’s my belief that a recovery run is a wise move. I am trying to be wise….it is not always easy.

I ran the Melbourne Marathon 12 days ago and last night stepped onto the track for the first time in about two years and ran a 5 Km race. True I did not push myself but I still ran well under 5 minute pace. That is a faster pace than I plod around the streets at in my normal training. Anyway today was the Recovery Run day. I did in fact feel quite good but did not want to do anything much.

Ran my usual 6 Km in light rain. every now and again I felt the pace increase but managed to slow myself down. Not much of a training run it is try but turned my legs over for half an hour or so.

Next race will be a Half Marathon in Macau in December. I will need to find some sort of speed. Not sure how?

Here is a photo of me after today’s run. Not too stressed.Image





Hard Recovery Run in the rain

It is wet and very windy here in Melbourne. Had really no alternative but to start today’s recovery run in the rain. Luckily after about 20 minutes of fairly heavy rain it pretty much stopped and conditions were quite good for training. Wind was quite strong but that does not really mean much.

After yesterday’s hard race a recovery run was called for. Probably however I ran a bit too far and maybe a little too hard. About 15 or so Kms done. Pretty glad to just get home in the end.

Weight 66.1

Stomach crunches 460. Push ups 60.


Importance of Recovery Runs

After a fairly hard 27 Km run yesterday I think today can be called a recovery day. In the Olden days I used to run hard one day and then run hard the next and follow that up with a couple of hard days then another hard day. BUT nowadays I am smarter…..ok maybe just lazy….and don’t do two hard days in a row. 

I did not feel too bad before I started but after only a few hundred meters my legs felt heavy. I started in the sun but the weather gods must have been watching and only after a few minutes it started raining. But my easy recovery plan was simply to run 2 Kms do a U turn and run home. Total 4 Km. Bring on your rain I will be home soon!

So that was my recovery run. Not sure it helped. We shall see as things progress.

250 stomach crunches and 30 push ups ( I am so lazy!)


RECOVERY RUN turns into fast pace.

The idea was to run for about an hour by way of a recovery run. But it was so so cold that I started far too fast.I seem to be feeling the cold more these days and wore a singlet and a T-shirt! I am trying to work on my will power but am not always successful.

I thought about cutting the run short especially when the wind got even stronger as I went on.

Probably it was an ok run…in fact it was over 5 minutes faster than the race yesterday ( which of course was up and down mountains). This was my fastest time for this run by over a minute.

So recovery run was a bit of a bust. Plus I ended up with a headache. I complain a lot.

400 stomach crunches and 50 push ups to add to the fun.