Back on the Road again

Two weeks after the Melbourne Marathon I got out of bed to help wife Tamami with her long run. She wanted to run 32km ( actually she wanted to run 37 but I told her that was not smart) so I agreed to run the first 20km with her. Am I a great husband or what!!

Run today was over a fairly hilly course. I found it very easy. Tamami ran the first 20 Km with me and ran well although she struggles on the up sections. But she will get stronger and should run the Macau Marathon in December well.

It was good to get out on the roads and paths today. I am still not 100% but run today was fairly encouraging.

As I write I am watching  a replay of the Melbourne Marathon which I of course ran. The leaders look so strong.Image


Friday after Marathon. Feeling good.


Starting to feel pretty good. Quads hardly hurt at all and sore hammy not too bad. Behind the knee pain seems to have retreated to the back ground. Bruised toe does not cause me too much trouble except at night. Bit of pain in my stomach,but had that before the race.

I seem to be recovering well from the Marathon. Hopefully the race itself will give me a bit of a boost to get on with some more running.

I will go to Japan in a week or so and try and get some fast running done there with my Namban Rengo ( Tokyo Club) team mates.

Slowly coming good after Marathon

Thursday and the pain in my legs is fading somewhat. Left Hammy giving me a spot of trouble butI am icing as I write.

Very windy in old Melbourne Town today. Radio said 115 kph. Is that strong? Certainly not strong enough to stop one heading out on the roads.

Ran a tad over 6 Km today in about 34 minutes. Felt a bit tired near the end…although maybe just a little hungry.

Aim is to take it easy for a while yet.Image

Marathon Recovery

I decided turn my legs over today and ran 6 Km. Tamami suggested that maybe this was not resting but I said it helped the blood flow for my legs. I don’t really know if this is true. But it was a good enough jog in around 35 minutes and despite my hammies feeling a tad sore it was good to get out and back on the road.

Plan is to take it easy till Monday.Even then I don’t really plan to do anything much for a while.

Weight is 64.7 kilos which is not too bad as I have been eating a lot since the Marathon.Image

How to Recover from a Marathon

One thing I have learned over the journey is that what works for one may not work for another. Anyway this is what I am doing….if it works…great…if not…well I will try something else next time.Follow me at your peril !

When I ran my first Marathon I did not run again for 4 months. During the 20 or so Marathons I ran in the 80s I eventually  altered this plan and started with a very short painful jog for about 4 minutes the day after the race.

According to ‘ The Athletes Guide to Recovery ‘ if you run as slow as me for a quick recovery it should be 15 days and for a slow recovery 23 days.

The day after the Marathon ( yesterday) I did a super short jog. Today I ran my usual 3 Km run….the one I used in my taper. True my  quads were a bit sore and I felt a little tired. But I ran sort of OK. …….I think the fact that I had to get up at 4.30 in the morning to race…and then last night we had a dinner party going late into the night caused me to feel tired. I also drove a friend to the airport….what a guy! 🙂

I once read (somewhere) that for recovery it’s one day for every Km raced. Hmmmmm…that’s 42 days….6 weeks. I am of  the mind that this is correct in so far as having another decent race. I would not expect to run a worthwhile race in the next six weeks.

So my plan is to just jog easily for the rest of this week and on Monday check out how I feel and move on from there. Oh yes…also ice…and maybe some light massage.Image

Sore Quad

My right quad is very sore. I have tried ice,heat,self massage with nurofen,wearing compression shorts…nothing seems to help. However I am not too concerned as I have  over two weeks till I attempt to run the Melbourne Marathon for the first time in 23 years. I think this pain is mainly due to the weight which I hit the ground and the length of some of my training runs on a hard flat road.

Today I only went for a short jog….maybe a bit of rest may help. I also walked 3 Km. Maybe that will help my poor quad. Walking is so amazingly boring and really does nothing for fitness but I am willing to try anything. At the start of this year when I was badley injured and could not run I used to go for walks for a couple of hours..thankfully such is in the past now.

Did my usual 200 stomach crunches and 40 push plus associated stretching exercises. Not sure if this helps anything but why not….

Tonight I will have a deep tissue massage….hopefully I will feel better after that.

Received my bulk order of Running Gels today. Now that’s one plus for the day.Image

Importance of Recovery Runs

After a fairly hard 27 Km run yesterday I think today can be called a recovery day. In the Olden days I used to run hard one day and then run hard the next and follow that up with a couple of hard days then another hard day. BUT nowadays I am smarter…..ok maybe just lazy….and don’t do two hard days in a row. 

I did not feel too bad before I started but after only a few hundred meters my legs felt heavy. I started in the sun but the weather gods must have been watching and only after a few minutes it started raining. But my easy recovery plan was simply to run 2 Kms do a U turn and run home. Total 4 Km. Bring on your rain I will be home soon!

So that was my recovery run. Not sure it helped. We shall see as things progress.

250 stomach crunches and 30 push ups ( I am so lazy!)