A few Hills for fun

Went down to the Beach House for a few days of rest. Ran some hills yesterday. Had forgotten how good hills are. They really hurt. I must get down the beach and run loads of hills over a number a of days. That will be my secret weapon for 2014. Hills build strenght and will power….couple of things I lack. Get to the coast and really run some painful hills. Seems like a fun plan.Image

Slowly recovering for the Marathon last Sunday. For now I am taking it easy.

My hill plan is a secret so please don’t tell anyone.


TAPER TIME : Solid 85 minutes

Just ran for time today. 45 minutes and then U turn and run home. Picked up the pace about 4/5 Kms from home and ran them hard….well hard for me. A bit less than 85 minutes.

Quad still a little sore and still feel the odd pain in my hammies. But over all not too bad.

Weight is 65.2 ( about 143 pounds) which I know is on the heavy side but my original aim was to go into this Marathon at 66.0 so I am still under that at least.

My main weakness…apart from being hellishly slow….is my lack of will power and strength of mind to keep going and not just give up and stop.Further sometimes when it is dark and raining I have to really push myself to get out the door to go running.So the ‘ Mental Thing’ is a Big Thing to me.

I reread a book I got a couple years back last night ( I sleep badly and read through the night ) ‘The Cutting Edge runner’. The chapter on Mental Training is very good.The author gives Seven Mental Training Strategies. I have read this chapter three times and underlined key points in red. Now to try and follow what is preached.Image

Hoping an easy day will help me.

Didn’t get home till late but I didnt intend to do much anyway. Plan is to have a medium long run tomorrow so relaxing and putting my feet up today may be just the thing.

I ran a fairly easy 3 Km and then did a U turn and ran home for a total of 6 Km. Not much of a run but I never want to just do nothing. A runner runs.

Did not really want to run that hard but picked up the pace for each of the last 3 Km. In fact I seemed to sweat a great deal and was disappointed to find it was only 17 degrees. Not sure how I can handle a Marathon if the weather rockets into the 20s !Image

REST DAY : Easy run

After a hard race Saturday,hard training run Sunday and 2 hours yesterday I considered it time for a rest day. I seem to be getting headaches in the wind when I run so as today was cold and windy it seemed a good idea to just relax and put my feet up.

Light rain for the first two Kms and then it eased off. I wore a hat which I know is a bit weak but I am not handling the wind too well as of late.

With about a Km or so to go I went over the last hill hard ( well actually hard for me…maybe not really hard) and considered running the last Km as fast as I could. But I remembered today was my day off so just cruised home in my normal slow foot pace. Just shows how smart I can be. đŸ™‚

In the good old days ( the 80s) the idea was to run say 12 at lunch time and maybe 20 in the afternoon on a Monday. Looked great in the diary. But 25 or so years later I lack the will power…and probably the body power….to run twice a day.Nowadays I need days off and find it hard to really push it. But maybe that will come later. I need a stronger will it seems.

400 crunches today followed by 50 push-ups.

REST DAY : sort of

After long drive back from the beach house plus the effects of the hill running last night in the rain,the 25 Km run in the wind on Sunday and the double race on Saturday I was feeling I needed a rest day.

After the first Km I was feeling pretty miserable…and then I saw this young women running with her dog….her stride was twice mine….anyway I had to get past….slow as I am I can’t get beaten by dog walkers( or runners). So felt even worse but luckily a corner came up so I could run and hide!

Finished strongly after I had recovered a bit so that was ok.