Next: Macau Half Marathon.

Entered the Macau Half on December 1st. Air line ticket purchased. Plush hotel booked. Now all I need is a pair of legs that can go the distance.

Ran a solid 14 Km in the rain with Tamami San today. First half was a minute faster than I have ever done before on that course. Felt pretty good on the way home and could certainly have run a lot faster.

Quads still quite sore but I am giving them a massive icing as I write this. Hammy hurts a bit but not too bad.i am certainly one who never complains despite what some people may say !!

Plucked up the courage to step on the scales today. 65.4 Kgm. Not too bad.

Weather was a tad chilly today with constant rain. But I laugh at that. Image


What is this Rain word mean?

Looking out the window it was raining heavily. My hammy hurt. Lacked the energy to go running. But then I thought if I take a day off the next thing I know I will be eating desert and joining the caste of The Biggest Loser!

Going up the first hill I felt heavy. I have not weighed my self since the Marathon 9 days ago. I am too scared to see my current weight. Not good I suspect. Thankfully no one out in this weather to laugh at me.

But coming home I actually started to feel OK. Wonky hammy stopped hurting ( actually right knee then started hurting but that does not matter). Because it’s day light savings time here in Melbourne I was not running in the dark. I do run in the rain and the dark ( who doesn’t?) but I can’t say I like it much….but on the other hand I don’t train to like it.

OK I know I am still a bit of a wimp….I wore a cap. But it was the free one I got from the Melbourne Marathon which was a bit heavy and uncomfortable. Not out there to be comfortable.Image

New Goal….new roads to run.

Wife Tamami wanted to run 32 Km ( 20 miles) before breakfast today. I thought about asking if that meant breakfast would be late this morning but instead I offered to run the last 12 with her. 

This morning’s run was pretty good. Took over an hour but that does not matter. I was the pace maker for Tamami and I probably gained power from her pain. She did end up running the last Km quite hard and finished feeling reasonable. Well sort of reasonable.

Melbourne Marathon was the Sunday before last. Eight days ago. I have rested and although my left hammy is hurting a bit and my right quad is still sore I am probably ready to start runniah again.

I think I will pop up to Macau and run a Half Marathon. December 1 st is the day.

Time to start training.Image

Slowly coming good after Marathon

Thursday and the pain in my legs is fading somewhat. Left Hammy giving me a spot of trouble butI am icing as I write.

Very windy in old Melbourne Town today. Radio said 115 kph. Is that strong? Certainly not strong enough to stop one heading out on the roads.

Ran a tad over 6 Km today in about 34 minutes. Felt a bit tired near the end…although maybe just a little hungry.

Aim is to take it easy for a while yet.Image