What is this Rain word mean?

Looking out the window it was raining heavily. My hammy hurt. Lacked the energy to go running. But then I thought if I take a day off the next thing I know I will be eating desert and joining the caste of The Biggest Loser!

Going up the first hill I felt heavy. I have not weighed my self since the Marathon 9 days ago. I am too scared to see my current weight. Not good I suspect. Thankfully no one out in this weather to laugh at me.

But coming home I actually started to feel OK. Wonky hammy stopped hurting ( actually right knee then started hurting but that does not matter). Because it’s day light savings time here in Melbourne I was not running in the dark. I do run in the rain and the dark ( who doesn’t?) but I can’t say I like it much….but on the other hand I don’t train to like it.

OK I know I am still a bit of a wimp….I wore a cap. But it was the free one I got from the Melbourne Marathon which was a bit heavy and uncomfortable. Not out there to be comfortable.Image


Still using the ice

Seems strange to ice after a 3 Km around the streets. But I still have aches and pains and am scared of these preventing me finishing the Marathon on Sunday.

During the first Km I saw my shadow. I thought I looked really terrible. My old injury behind my knee was hurting. Hurting me before I had got to the one Km mark. That pain did go away but in the last Km I felt pain in my hamstring. Not good.

Have I done enough?

Has all this sitting around caused me to put on too much weight so I just can’t run?

How fast should I try to run….today was like a crawl and I didn’t feel that great. I have to run faster than that on race day¬†or I will finish in the middle of next week.Image