An attempt at speed work.

ImageI am finding the temperature a little hard to handle but it is certainly easier running in the cold than in humidity which really knocks me about.

Today was cold but the rain stopped when I went out so nothing to complain about.

I ran  4 times at a pace faster than my usual plod.

First I ran about 1500m fairly slowly until I came to a muddy grassy path next to a creek.

FIRST RUN  of about one Km….Pace 4.19 per Km. I felt I was really pushing this. Running into a wind. Not sure what is best…wet grass or mud.

Then a 500m walk jog stagger….

SECOND RUN…this was only 500m….Pace 3.53 per Km. On a path.

Another Km jog walk…

THIRD RUN…back on the mud….I thought I did not try as hard but Pace 4.10 per Km

Jog 500

FOURTH RUN…again 500m on the path….3.51 min per Km pace.

2 Km jog home.

I am still amazingly slow but….actually I am not sure what the but is…..maybe but I did it.


Time to try and run a little faster.

Run today consisted of 6 Km at steady pace then a ‘hard’ 3 Km run followed by a slow 1km warm down.

Tamami drives me 10 Km from home and then pushes me out the car door with orders to find my own way home.

Maybe it was the 30 Km on Sunday or the Eliptical machine at the Gym yesterday but my legs did not feel they really had much bounce. I ran the first 6 Km at an OK pace although probably not that fast. I did not time it. Stopping at a road which I walked across before starting the 3 Km effort.


Last Km over some reasonably hard hills but knew the end was near so tried after a fashion to push.

Felt ok after finishing.Image

Temperature was 24 which is warmer than usual.

crunches 150….push ups 30



Weight Loss.

ImageAbout three years ago I weighed in at around 73 Kilos ( about 160/1 pounds), I worked hard in getting my weight down to about 66 Kgm ( 145 pounds). That sounds good but it took me close to a year. My weight this year has been around 68.5 Kgm but I have got down to low 64 Kilos ( around 140 pounds which I think was my weight 40 years ago). At 1.76 cm…I think…about 5 foot 9/10 that’s not really great for a Marathon runner. But I have yet to reinvent myself as a marathon runner. 

My view on how to lose weight is to eat less and train hard. Sounds simple.But not always easy. I think that training has to consist of sweating…meaning effort….meaning for me speed work. Something I am not really doing as I am afraid of activating one of my oh so many injuries. But we will see. Also running for three hours probably helps a bit as well.

I seem to have pulled up well from the 30 Km run yesterday. But I don’t want to take any chances so just went for a short jog today. Also got to the Gym and did 30 minutes on the Eliptical training machine….not sure if this does much.

Tried to do a Plank…heard good things about that. Boring though.

100  push ups and 210 stomach crunches….I think I will cut down on the stomach crunches…my stomach is strong but does not look that flash as I still have a layer of fat over the muscle….ok make that two layers.