An attempt at speed work.

ImageI am finding the temperature a little hard to handle but it is certainly easier running in the cold than in humidity which really knocks me about.

Today was cold but the rain stopped when I went out so nothing to complain about.

I ran  4 times at a pace faster than my usual plod.

First I ran about 1500m fairly slowly until I came to a muddy grassy path next to a creek.

FIRST RUN  of about one Km….Pace 4.19 per Km. I felt I was really pushing this. Running into a wind. Not sure what is best…wet grass or mud.

Then a 500m walk jog stagger….

SECOND RUN…this was only 500m….Pace 3.53 per Km. On a path.

Another Km jog walk…

THIRD RUN…back on the mud….I thought I did not try as hard but Pace 4.10 per Km

Jog 500

FOURTH RUN…again 500m on the path….3.51 min per Km pace.

2 Km jog home.

I am still amazingly slow but….actually I am not sure what the but is…..maybe but I did it.


Importance of a Recovery run

When you get a bit older ( as I will one day) it’s my belief that a recovery run is a wise move. I am trying to be wise….it is not always easy.

I ran the Melbourne Marathon 12 days ago and last night stepped onto the track for the first time in about two years and ran a 5 Km race. True I did not push myself but I still ran well under 5 minute pace. That is a faster pace than I plod around the streets at in my normal training. Anyway today was the Recovery Run day. I did in fact feel quite good but did not want to do anything much.

Ran my usual 6 Km in light rain. every now and again I felt the pace increase but managed to slow myself down. Not much of a training run it is try but turned my legs over for half an hour or so.

Next race will be a Half Marathon in Macau in December. I will need to find some sort of speed. Not sure how?

Here is a photo of me after today’s run. Not too stressed.Image




Steady 6 Km run for my Taper

I have read books which tell you how to taper for a Marathon. But I don’t think they actually apply to me.Or someone in my position.I have not much stamina,I have no speed,I have lots of injuries over the last two years and have not run the Melbourne Marathon since 1990. So I am basically making this Taper lark up as I go along.

This week I have run 3 Km on both Monday and Tuesday and today I ran 6 Km. Tomorrow I plan to run another 3 Km. Pretty light even I must admit. But my quad has been hurting for a while now so maybe with a bit of an ease back I will have some sort of a chance to finish this Marathon come Sunday. If things don’t work out…well next time I will try something else.

My weight aim was to be under 66 Kgm when I ran the Marathon. Today I weighed in at 65.2 Kgm. Certainly no light weight but under my target ( which I admit I just plucked out of the air when I was 69 Kgm).

As to how I will get on,well I hope to be able to give my all. We shall see.


Short sharp and sort of fast run today

Only a short run today over my old 6km course. Quad still a bit sore but no big deal.

I tried to run a little faster today as I was only going a short distance. I probably could have knocked a few more seconds off my over all time today but I felt  a sort of short sharp pain in my left hammy so I backed off a bit. I really am very slow but tell myself that I will get better ( faster)once I get onto some speed work at the start of next year…after I have tackled this Marathon.

Time today was 27.46. Which was ok as there was a couple of small hills and lots of turn and a bit of wind. I also fell once of this course so still am a little afraid of cracks in the concrete. But on the other hand I know my ‘ 6 Km run’ is actually less than 6 Km.

Not long now!!




Relay race running for Old Scotch Aths club. Everyone runs two legs. I was third runner. I started about 40m behind a young women whom I thought I could catch despite her being 40 years younger and about 15 Kilos lighter. Unfortunately this was not the case. Did not feel good after the first Km and struggled on.

Everyone runs twice.However if a certain period of time has elapsed you have what is called a mass start. Meaning the 20 or so runners who have not yet run all start together.This was me.

I was still feeling ill so I thought to take it easy. But a couple of my club mates were ahead of me after a Km. I don’t have many tactics but one I use is to sprint past my opponent for about 50m and hope they drop off. After getting rid of my team mates I ran down a young women ( again about 25 years my junior). I then ran down some big powerful guy ( also about 20 years younger) but he out kicked me at the end….still he made it interesting.I did surge past him and got about 5m clear but maybe I just lacked the will power to put him away.

Overall my lack of any sort of speed was my undoing. I probably finished 2nd in my age group but who cares. Certainly have a long way to go.