What is this Rain word mean?

Looking out the window it was raining heavily. My hammy hurt. Lacked the energy to go running. But then I thought if I take a day off the next thing I know I will be eating desert and joining the caste of The Biggest Loser!

Going up the first hill I felt heavy. I have not weighed my self since the Marathon 9 days ago. I am too scared to see my current weight. Not good I suspect. Thankfully no one out in this weather to laugh at me.

But coming home I actually started to feel OK. Wonky hammy stopped hurting ( actually right knee then started hurting but that does not matter). Because it’s day light savings time here in Melbourne I was not running in the dark. I do run in the rain and the dark ( who doesn’t?) but I can’t say I like it much….but on the other hand I don’t train to like it.

OK I know I am still a bit of a wimp….I wore a cap. But it was the free one I got from the Melbourne Marathon which was a bit heavy and uncomfortable. Not out there to be comfortable.Image


Maybe I should wear a cap in the Marathon ?

Weather channel on my iPad says there is a 20 per cent chance of rain on Sunday. I have no trouble running in the rain and in fact think it hardens my resolve when conditions are bad. But I do wear a cap whilst running in the rain. If I am running for say 2 hours or even longer and it is raining continuously then I can in a way retreat into my own mind under the peak of my cap. But should I wear a cap on Sunday. I get very hot whilst running and maybe if I wore a cap I may over heat.

The Melbourne Marathon Expo opened today. In Japan I have been to the Tokyo Marathon Expo many times. It is held in a place called ‘ Tokyo Big Site ‘ and it is massive. The venue itself is a giant upside down Pyramid ( what else). An incredible amount of free stuff is handed out…I always come away with two big bags crammed with an amazing array of goodies.

Maybe Melbourne’s expo is not on the same scale….but I think it has it’s own unique character as can be seen from this photo taken today. Certainly you don’t have to jostle with a million others to get a free pair of arm sleeves like you have to do it Japan. 😉Image